In addition to responding to the needs of survivors of sexual assault, efforts must be made to prevent sexual violence from occurring in the first place. In fact, the elimination of sexual violence is a key tenant of Clove Alliance’s mission.

Sexual violence prevention goes beyond creating awareness of the issue and alerting community members of available services. It requires shifting community norms that contribute to sexual violence, promoting the norms and behaviors that foster safe communities, and participating in efforts to advance social justice.

Clove Alliance provides prevention activities and training support to our partners in building effective prevention efforts in their communities.

We are always looking for prevention partners! Please contact [email protected] or call 815-932-7273 for more info.

School Based Prevention Programs

Kindergarten Through 12th Grade

Clove Alliance is committed to taking an active role in preventing child sexual abuse within our community. Research shows that the most effective way to prevent abuse is to talk to children about body safety. Our body safety lessons are intended to teach valuable safety skills, in an age-appropriate format and fulfill the Erin’s Law Mandate.

As children develop, our programs expand to discuss crucial topics like boundaries, healthy relationships, consent, and sexual violence. We believe that empowering youth to stand against sexual harm is a powerful tool for ending it.

To learn more about the programs we offer for different grade levels, contact [email protected] or call 815-932-7273.


Our Preventionists are available to speak at college campuses—at club meetings, events, and during lectures.

Clove Alliance is also proud to sponsor Ignite, an organization on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University with the goal of uniting students to end sexual violence and challenge social norms that promote abuse. For more information on Ignite, please visit

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

SAC is a student-led group that is committed to ending sexual violence and changing social norms within high schools. The committee is composed of students from different high schools across the county who meet and plan social events for their peers to raise awareness about sexual harm. Committees are active in both Kankakee and Iroquois County.

Resources and Trainings for Educators

Body Safety Training

Ideal for educators and school staff who work with children ages PreK-3rd grade, this training will help your school fulfill the Erin’s Law mandate. Participants will learn tips and tricks on how to present an age-appropriate sexual abuse prevention lesson. In addition, all resources and materials required for these lessons will be provided to schools.

Mandated Reporter Training

This training will help you to better understand your responsibilities and protections as a mandated reporter while learning how to make an effective report of suspected child abuse/neglect. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse will also be discussed. Ideal for all school employees.

Lending Library

Research has shown that teaching children lessons on sexual abuse prevention multiple times throughout the school year is highly important for reducing risk. Clove Alliance’s Lending Library equips our local schools with classroom kits of ready-to-use, hands-on resources for both virtual and in-person body safety lessons. Lessons are available for check out by school social workers and/or teachers and include resources for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Three lessons are available at each grade level and cover topics on sexual abuse prevention, body safety, and gender equality/ acceptance.

For more information or to check out these resources, please email us at [email protected] or call 815-932-7273.

Community Based Prevention Programs

TruSelf Empowerment

The TruSelf Empowerment program recognizes the importance of planting seeds of empowerment at an early age to help diffuse many of the challenging issues girls will be faced with during their upcoming teen years and beyond. Through thoughtful and interactive practices, each girl is gifted a foundation to love, honor, and respect herself. Discussion topics include healthy friendships and relationships, positive self-esteem and body image, healthy assertiveness, identifying goals and dreams, loving your “self” first, working with emotions, and more!

Shine From Within

The Shine From Within program helps high school-aged girls feel positive and empowered in developing their identity as successful young women. This empowerment program equips young women with important life skills and provides a space for them to feel heard and valued without judgment. Discussion topics include healthy relationships and forgiveness, positive self-esteem and resilience, healthy assertiveness, identifying goals and dreams, personal values, positive body image, social media, and more!

Yoga for Healing

All are invited to participate in this healing series aimed at improving your relationship with your body and mind through gentle stretches, meditation, and attention to the present moment.

Talking to Your Kids About Sexual Assault

Parents will learn different strategies on how to talk to their children about topics such as appropriate touch, boundaries, body safety, etc. Parents will also learn how to spot symptoms of sexual abuse and helpful ways to handle disclosures.

Community based prevention programs are offered throughout the year. To request more information on upcoming sessions, please contact Kristin at [email protected].

Resources and Trainings for the Community

Clove Alliance is dedicated to ending the suffering in our community caused by sexual assault with expertise in training on sexual violence prevention.
Community workshops are designed based on the needs and context of each group and are highly interactive to engage, stimulate, and challenge the participants. Clove has a long history of working with middle and high school students, university students, parents, law enforcement, hospitality staff, sports teams, businesses, and the general public to provide training on this critical and complex issue.

Clove offers a variety of workshops that can be adapted for the needs and level of each individual group including What is Consent?, Healthy Relationships, Bystander Intervention, and Healthy Masculinity.

Workshops and trainings can be scheduled during both daytime and evening hours.

You can learn more about available trainings here or you can contact [email protected] to schedule a workshop for your organization or group.